Ansa…The End

15 Feb

Chapter 4

 Ansa felt a sharp pain at his side as someone kicked him mercilessly. He curled himself in foetal position protecting his injured side from further harm.


“Rise up, imbecile!” Osei yelled at him.


Ansa was afraid he would get kicked again and so rallied to get on his feet still clutching the injured part. Apparently his co-captive was also on her feet for when he moved he felt her follow.


“We have to make Danish territory by nightfall in time for tomorrow’s auctions” said Kwame.


“Won’t it be better we head straight for Wassaw?” Mensah asked.


“Why Wassaw?” Osei wanted to know.


Mensah was quiet for a bit, and then he answered “We are running at high risk here. What happens if we are caught between the crossfires of this ongoing Ashanti war with the Akim-Akwapim?”


“Wassaw is protected territory” Akan stated.


“So is Denkera; and see us going away with two known figures of the land” Mensah opined.


Ansa immediately began to wonder who the female captive could be. He knew there was definitely no way he could find out who she was as long as he had his blindfolds on but could not help wandering.


“This is a high risk project” Mensah continued. “The British masters have completely abolished the trade. If we run into them we could be made to face high sentences on felony charges.”

“But the Dutch are still trading…”insisted Kwame.

“The Dutch have already abolished the importing of slaves to the Netherlands” Mensah argued.

“Yes, I agree”, Kwame conceded. “But slave trade has not been abolished in Dutch colonies”.


“I know the Dutch are working on it,” Kwame cut in “but it’s not over until it’s over”.

Ansa noted these sayings, but his weary mind could not make sense of the pieces of information he was getting. The blindfold disoriented him effectively and he was drained not just physically but psychologically from lack of food. If anyone had told him he would last twenty-four hours without food he would never have believed it. But then, there it was.


*                           *                           *

They arrived a shelter, at Akropong by midnight and for the first time Ansa’s blindfolds were taken off. Having had blindfolds on for over twenty-four hours, he had trouble adapting his vision to the surroundings which was dark anyway.

When his eyes grew accustomed to the surrounding darkness, he could see that the shelter was a derelict thatch hut that used to be a farmhouse. He could not see his co-captive clearly, but from what he could see from the outline of her body, he surmised she was shapely and attractive. She was bare topped and had a piece of cloth tied around her waist.

“What are you looking at?” Osei asked him with a slap. “It looks like you want the blindfolds back on.”

Ansa did not say a word. He believed that if he remained quiet he may be spared more brutality.

“Tie them together” Osei instructed and Mensah together with Akan rose to the task.

Ansa and the girl were made to sit with their backs to each other with the wrists tied behind them. The extending ropes were then joined together with the knots firmly made. As if that was not enough, a rope was also tied loosely around their necks so none could move their body without both of them being in danger of strangulation.

Next, the gag was removed. Ansa felt sore around his mouth and had to leave his lips hanging open as he gradually closed them. Even with all the care he took, he could not help but wince when his lips actually touched.

Kwame brought a small tin of water to his lips and roughly poured in the water.

For Ansa, taking the drink was a bitter sweet experience. Having a drink of water after forty-eight hours without it was refreshing, but the feel of water on his sore lips was anything but.

Before he could finish the contents of the tin cup, it was dragged away from his lips. Ansa swallowed to keep himself from crying out. Ansa tasted blood on his lips and wondered what a sight he was by now.

He heard the girl whimper when her gag was also removed and he felt her go rigid he believed, from the shock of water touching her lips.

“Not a sound” Kwame said in a voice as cold as ice.

Ansa felt the girl stifling a scream as she swallowed the water that was being forced down her throat.

After the drink the girl practically collapsed on Ansa and he had to force himself to relax so she doesn’t slide to the ground with him in tow.

They passed the night in eerie silence. A little distance from them they could see the fire their captors had made and smell the meat that was roasting. They could only dream, Ansa thought; for it was very plain they would not get a bite.

Sometime during the night Ansa felt the girl move. It was obvious she was very uncomfortable. With each movement of her body, Ansa felt the robe dig into his throat.

“Stop doing that” Ansa begged in a voice he could not recognize. “  `1You are choking me.”

The movement stopped and a few moments later Ansa felt something liquid touch his hands and subsequently his buttocks. And he knew immediately the cause of her fidgeting—she had to pass water, after all it was the call of nature.


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