Ansa…The Return

16 Mar



his day would be the happiest day in Osei’s life. He had long anticipated this day, the day that he would marry the one woman he had loved all his life. He needed to be congratulated; he had moved heaven and earth-somewhat literally, to make this day come true.

At the back of his mind were all the crimes he had committed in his moving heaven and earth. He did not want to think about them or remember them; after all, the end always justifies the means, or is that not what the white man said?

He had spent the most of his life with the white man and had learned a lot from them. He had even tried to initiate his “close” friend Anan to the trade in human cargo. But Anan had been too righteous… and he had died.

That was another episode in his life that he did not want to remember.

All day his kinsmen have been around him sharing in his joy, at least that is what he thought, and feasting. He was very well aware of the fact that many considered him a stupid man. He was a wealthy man—very wealthy indeed—and yet he had remained unmarried! Wasted his youth, that is what he had done, and all for what?

He believed that you should love the woman you marry, of course he had not been a saint all these years, he had had his share of women, in fact his escapades had produced three sons all of whom stay with their mothers since the system was matrilineal anyway. But he had always wanted to marry only one woman—Nana.

It had been a long wait, eight years of her being widowed plus the other years he had stood at a distance watching as Anan remained husband of the woman he wanted.

Nana was a queen, a regal ebony black beauty who walked with aristocratic gait. He had wanted her for himself from the very first day he set his eyes on her.

The sound of exceptional jubilation brought him out of his reverie. The rituals associated with marriage were many and he had been following them with enthusiasm all along even with his journeying to the past from time to time; but he could not understand why everyone was in such frenzy! Were they really that happy for him?

He had noticed how anxious Nana had been all day and right now she looked tense kneeling beside him, but he could not stand up to find out why their guests were causing quite a pandemonium.

The women were singing praises of someone, and from clear indicators, it was not HIM they were singing about. It sounded like…could it be what he was thinking?

In the fog of his confused mind he watched Nana rise. She rose and everyone went quite still and then suddenly a roar of applause.

Now even the abusua who was presiding over the marriage ceremony rose. His face was all smiles as he watched the “spectacle” that Osei supposed was taking place right behind him.

Every fibre of his being told him to flee, but he could not bring himself to do that. He was no coward. He had always prided himself brave enough to face his own demons. He had to face this one too even if it was the last thing he would do.

He rose to his feet and he turned around to face the worst fear of his life, his very own nemesis.

It was Ansa.


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