Something Worse than Drunk Driving…Maybe

20 Mar

I guess your question would be “Whatever could be worse than drunk driving!? How about driving when you are emotionally unbalanced? I’ll call it “depression driving”.

You are there behind the steering wheel your eyes focused in the right direction-ahead of you, everyone that you pass by, or that pass you by can see you are wide awake. Everyone can see you, but the question is, do YOU see them?

Your eyes are open and staring ahead, but they are unseeing eyes. You are simply going through motions without thoughts. The sounds and images around you really are meaningless to your existence at that particular moment because you are preoccupied with something weightier than the task at hand.

How many actually get to their destination in such a state?

My summation? When you feel depressed, when you the whole world is crashing down on you? When you feel so unhappy you can hardly breathe. When you feel lost. DON’T get behind the steering wheel. You may end up doing something more depressing than whatever may have gotten you depressed.

So what to do? Take a deep breath and exhale. Call a friend and ask them to drive you. You never can tell, that singular action could save your life and that of countless others.


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