Ansa…The Return

24 Mar


Ansa never knew he had a dark side. A side that could be murderous, a side that could hate with such intensity he could burst a blood vessel.

It was a cool evening, three years after Ansa passed, and they had just finished supper, Nana, Osei and Kwame. Nana sat back and gazed at Osei. They had become quite a threesome especially after her daughter got married about a year ago.

Nyame had been merciful. Though her daughter’s first suitor had withdrawn his interest after the incidence of her son’s disappearance, she had gotten another who had the ability to look beyond the present and recognize what a tragedy really is—a tragedy. All she prayed for now was that Nyame bless her with a grandchild. She was expecting one quite soon, her daughter had told her so. That would make her joy complete. That, and finally settling down.

She was finally seeing all the virtues in Osei. Her accepting him would be a welcome development to many of her kinsmen who have watched their relationship blossom. They shared practically everything except her bed.

Osei had proved himself a loyal friend and confidant. He had proved true to his promise to take care of her. Not a single day had passed in the last three years that he or his friend, Kwame, had not called in to check on her. Osei had even stood in as a father for her daughter, giving her away in marriage.

Nana felt it was only right for her to accept him.

Osei could see the change in Nana. He had not expected her to hold out for this long but he could see her letting down her guard. Especially this evening. She had been so kind as to prepare for him a special meal. He had eaten with such gusto to impress her even the more.

He, Osei, definitely knew how to take care of a woman. He knew she had been gazing at him all through the meal, but he had to pretend he did not notice. He could be getting his long awaited answer tonight, but he did not want to get his hopes up.

‘This meal must have cost you a fortune’ Kwame praised Nana. ‘A fortune in time and money’.

Nana smiled at him, ‘I am happy you enjoyed it.’ She then turned to Osei. ‘What say you? Did you enjoy it too?’

Osei gave her his most winning smile. ‘You know that nothing you give me can ever be faulted by me.’

‘You are too good for my own good’ she said shaking her head. ‘You are fast becoming a habit.’

To Osei, those words were the best he had ever heard in his entire life. He beamed her a dazzling smile, considering his not too handsome features.

Kwame took a hint and excused himself.

When they were alone Nana said, ‘I know how difficult it has been for you all these years just trying to remain friends with me when what you really want is to make a wife of me.’

Osei simply smiled and said nothing, so Nana continued.

‘I for my part always considered myself too old to be thinking of remarrying after my late husband who must have taken his place with his ancestors. But then in deference to you, I believe it is not fair that I selfishly keep rejecting you, so I accept to marry you and fulfill all my obligations as a wife to you.’

To Osei, Nana’s words were like music to his ears. He had spent many a sleepless nights trying to assuage his guilt; trying to justify his eliminating his obstacles while trying to woo a woman who has consistently refused to set her eyes on him. Finally, he thought, Ansa and Anan would stop haunting and tormenting him for he has finally gotten what he has wished for all those years.

He took Nana’s hands in his. He thought about what to say in response to her acceptance, but he could think of nothing. So he did what he had often observed the white man do with his lady love; he kissed her fingers.

Nana found his manner quite amusing. What was with the finger kissing? She counted herself lucky though. They lived in a culture where marriages were often arranged and for someone as old as she was, the prospect of marrying again was often zero. But Osei had been good to her. He had dignified her in a way no man has ever done…even her late husband if she dare say, and she knew he won’t ever stop treating her like a princess.

Kwame wandered back into the room like some stray goat, wondering if he had returned too soon. He knew how people would see it if Nana had any late visitors and they report seeing her all alone with Osei. Her reputation would be ruined.

He could see, as soon as he walked in, how happy his friend looked, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Finally the wait had paid off and his master was about to get his heart’s utmost desire.


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