Ansa…The Return

29 Mar

(Tonight I conclude the story  of Ansa. I would highly appreciate your comments on this book, thanks.


‘We mourned you my sister; do you know what that means?’ Kofi held his sister away from him to examine her. ‘We thought you were dead’.

‘We really died’ Mosa said, ‘but Nyame brought us back to life.’ She turned to Ansa, who was still staring at Osei’s lifeless body, ‘Kofi, meet Ansa, my husband.’

‘You could not have chosen a better man my sister,’ Kofi answered as he embraced his brother-in-law.

The people who had taken to their heels gradually returned. Ansa turned to find his mother weeping softly as she sat on her favourite bamboo seat, her daughter trying to console her.

It was apparent she felt embarrassed that she had almost married her son’s abductor, but there was really no reason for that.

Ansa took Mosa’s hand and together they went before his mother. Both knelt down before Nana and Ansa said, ‘Mama, I have returned.’



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