How Far Should Parents Go? Part 1

4 Apr

To qualify to be called a parent, you must first and foremost, have a child. Bringing a child into the world is not something embarked on to fulfill a whim. A lot of planning goes into it- rather should go into it. The fact that there is such a phrase as ‘planned parenting’ certainly suggests that we also have unplanned parenting. Now what we have to analyse is parenting that is planned. How far should couples who actually planned to become parents go in their parenting?

Parenting, to some dgree, is like biulding a house. I say ‘to some degree’ because parenting and building a house have some things in common. We have already said thet parenting should be planned, just like a house- you need a master plan. Parenting, like a building, could be capital intensive. When you bring a fellow human being into the world, you should be ready to take care of them. Just like the style of the building depends largely on the ‘pocket’ of the builder, so too the kind of upbringing a child has depends on the financial status of the parents. A building needs a firm foundation, so do the children. They need to be set on the right direction having a solid footing so as to be confident adults.

Unfortunately, that is how far the similarities go.


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