The Harsh Realities of Life

18 Apr

Is it really necessary to cling to a dead relationship? Is it dignifying to us if we keep hanging on to something completely dead? We are only human, we cannot recreate something dead or bring it back to life…Now I am sounding like a lamentation right? I agree. I am somewhat surprised at myself. But there is a reason for this lamentation. I received news that an old acquaintance of mine murdered his wife. It was still sounding so surreal (believe me I have never had this so close to home in a matter of speaking) until I saw it in the newspapers. It left me spellbound and speechless. You may feel I am making a noise over something that happens practically everyday. But Lord reading about something that happened to some unknown person some distance away is different from reading about someone you know PERSONALLY!?!  This piece of news is too close for comfort and it surely thrust me forward to face the harsh realities of life.

Please if that relationship is becoming life threatening, don’t DIE trying to save it.

Adieu Endurance Ajisegiri.


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