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Table Setting Palaver

31 May

I resumed at the TV programme I co-present today after two weeks of absence. The programme by the way is Diction Avenue. There we discus English language, right pronunciations, right usage of words, vocabulary building etc, and people call in to ask questions or sometimes answer the questions we pose.

Anyway today we digressed albeit a little and discussed the conventional way to set the table (actually we discussed table manners), where do you have the knife, the fork, the spoon, glass(es) etc.


Then a call comes through and this young girl (we could tell from her voice) asks the question: “The table you have on display, (we had the picture of a table set for one person on display), is it for one person or the entire family?” And the chief presenter turns to me and says “Good question, now why don’t you answer that!” And I am momentarily dumbfounded because hey! we were supposed to be in it together. All the same I answered the question but I really need to know, why should  eating a meal be so…complicated with so much cutlery and stuff. Here most of our traditional meals are eaten with the fingers and it is so easy, all you do is give your hands a good wash and dig in.

Now I am torn because the topic has to be concluded next week and I know I would get worse questions and the chief presenter, well he thinks it’s my topic so I should deal with it so…what to do?


They Know Us Better

28 May

I was feeling irritated as I was doing some chores the other day, when my eldest daughter walked up to me and started narrating an experience from school. Now I pride myself that I always pay attention to the children come what may, but this day I was…irritated. Even more so is the fact that she speaks so fast that I normally give her undivided attention to catch every word she says especially when she is speaking excitedly. That patience wasn’t there this because…well you are right, I was irritated. So I just short her up and made some nasty remark about her never being audible enough. Well I just said a bunch of things that had a lot of “never” in it. Even as I was saying it, a tiny voice was telling me, “You’re doing this badly, you are generalising, not good, not good”. But I just ploughed on telling the voice in my head “I just want to be alone, I can apologise later.”

As if the voice in my head was not doing enough damage to my psyche my daughter stood her ground. She looked totally unaffected by my rants. I paused from the dishes I was doing and gave her a hopefully intimidating look. She wasn’t looking intimidated either. She said to me, “All you need to do is ask for a hand for I am sure you know you cannot do everything around here. So hand over the sponge and stand over here while I do the dishes and tell you my experience”.

I felt deflated and like a small child who has just been scolded, I handed her the sponge and stood where she asked me to stand. She collected the sponge, gave me a smile as she shook her head. We both burst into laughter simultaneously, all offences forgotten as she proceeded to guide me through her school experience.

As I listened to her I could not help but thank God I have a daughter who actually understands me even more than I understand myself sometimes. And I decided to share because I know somewhere out there are a lot of us parents who have such understanding kids. We really should be grateful for that!


23 May

If yesterday could be tomorrow

And today, the day after…

If there was nothing like sorrow

But only joy and laughter…

If I could rewrite the past

And make it what would never be…

Then I would be erasing so fast

That which makes me me

And the me that I shall become

Would only be an “if”


Speling Bee

18 May

Speling Bee

After a tiring exercise (believe me when I say tiring) speller 23 emerged winner of the maiden edition of the NASCON Spelling Bee tagged Spell Your Way to Fame. She won the total prize money of N200,000. She was closely followed by Speller 13 who went away with N125,000, and speller 2 with N100,000. It was refreshing to watch them spell jaw-breaking words. But the irony is that the last word that was spelt by the winner that shot her to fame, was the simply word, “naive”. Kudos!


My World

14 May

Take a little peek at my world and things that matter to me. And while you are at it, enjoy Gavin De-Graw.

I am Really Enjoying Myself

12 May

I never really knew that household chores could be so enjoyable. For years I have stayed away from it. Not because I opted to, far from it, but because I kinda couldn’t. When you have people around you who could take care of certain things around the house you think you are in paradise. But that is actually a fool’s paradise.

I learnt that beautifully, perfectly and I love the lesson. Now that the “help” is no more I found out that when you do it yourself you have a cleaner home, quite refreshing I must say; a home that is cozier, it is just you, your husband and the kids; a home you look forward to returning to every working day.

I had been fighting weight gain and now, thanks to the exercise I get through house keeping, cooking and supervising the children’s activities, I am trimmer and kinda like the way I am ‘shaping out’ if you get my mean. So you see all this work is actually keeping me healthier! Yes. I am really enjoying myself!

Following Your Partner on Social Media? Bad Idea.

8 May

I went through this blog on and thought it would be a good idea to share it.


Maria and Kenny have been having issues in their four year relationship. She has done her best to keep their issues between them away from friends and even family. She woke up one day to see her BlackBerry Messenger filled with messages. They all asked the same question in different words. Concerned ‘friends’ wanted to know when she broke up with Kenny. His Facebook status page had been recently updated to ‘complicated’ and unlinked from hers.

A Facebook survey of 1000 users showed that 25% of users found out their relationship was over by seeing it on Facebook first. When you are in the same friends circle as your partner it means that you and all your friends will be finding out just about the same time or they may even beat you to it if they are online before you.

If you are using a social networking site. It…

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