2 May


Mimi skipped along the beautifully paved street. Everything was near perfection. The pavements were so straight they may have been carved with a ruler. The little brick-like houses that lined the street were all built at precisely the same distance from the road. The road itself was all leveled up; no pot-holes, no gallops, no bumps, just an even winding road that went all the way around the little ‘city’.

The little city was still under construction and for that reason you could come across some odds and ends lying carelessly on the perfect road. But this did not bother the residents of the city since they all also moved in precision, after all this was Lego city!

Mimi was one of the twenty residents of the city. They all came in the same pack which comprised all the bricks, bits of this and that that were required to build the city, including an airport complete with a tarmac and some aircraft. Some of the residents came already dressed as pilots and air-hostesses. Some plastic greenery also came in the pack as well as battery powered automobiles and train set.

This entire set made up Nancy’s graduation gift from her parents. She had been overjoyed! Last year, she had gotten a complete Barbie set for her excellent performance in school. This present, however, was more elaborate. She has spent countless hours already, with her friend Kiki, setting up the city…and they were not even done yet!

Nancy held Mimi by her middle as she skipped along the paved road. Mimi was Nancy’s favourite doll. She was brunette and Nancy loved doing her hair up in different styles. Mimi enjoyed the attention Nancy always gave her except….

‘Nancy! It’s dinner time!’ called Nancy’s mother.

‘Coming!’ Nancy answered and she dropped Mimi right in the middle of the paved road as she ran off to have her dinner.

Now THAT was the part that always got Mimi upset. The part where Nancy dropped her carelessly to the mercy of whatever creature found her first. That is why she would have preferred being named Forget-me-not instead of Mimi, not that Mimi was not a fine name, far from it! But Forget-me-not would help Nancy always remember to put her away anytime she was done with her!

 As if on cue, in came Jerry the cat. He walked majestically into the room and looked around. Mimi hoped he would not find her. He had the habit of urinating on her fine silky hair anytime he spotted her. And she could barely do anything about it.

One day Jerry the cat and Skipper the dog had had a fight with her in the middle. Both had fought over who was going to keep her. They had yanked and pulled at her until she came off in the middle! Both of them, realizing what had happened, had taken their piece and dropped it off in different locations.

It had taken eons (two days actually) as far as Mimi was concerned, before Nancy found her and put her together again (thank God she was not Humpty Dumpty what would have become of her?)

Jerry and Skipper got a good scolding for ‘dismembering’ her. They were NOT allowed to play in Nancy’s room for a week! (Now that was good punishment.)

Anyway that was some time ago and now here she was lying helplessly on the paved road of Lego city with Jerry prancing around.

Thomas, the policeman of the city watched helplessly from where Nancy had deposited him. He wished he could do something to help her. As he willed himself to help her, he saw Mimi stand up from where Nancy had dropped her.

Mimi was surprised to see herself rising, getting up on her feet! She was sure Jerry the cat was equally surprised because she saw his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Mimi took to her heels and ran as fast as her tiny legs could carry her. She climbed onto a pile of unpacked cases and hid herself where no one could find her.

Nancy did not search for Mimi until the next afternoon. She went straight for her in the pack of unused Lego building blocks. But Mimi was not there!

She dashed into Johnny’s room. (Johnny is her younger brother and sometimes plays some childish pranks at her.)

‘Where is Mimi?’ cried Nancy. ‘Where are you hiding her?’

Johnny shrugged his shoulders, ‘I don’t know’, he answered.

‘I left her in one of the cabins of your train yesterday’, she said not quite remembering where exactly she had left her.

‘I am sorry but I put away my train set yesterday when mum called for dinner’, Johnny pointed out. ‘And Mimi was not there.’

‘I know I left her to have dinner yesterday’ she recalled scratching her head. ‘But I can’t remember where I kept her’.

Just then mum walks in. she sees Nancy is looking very anxious and she wants to know what the matter is.

‘You haven’t lost any of your toys now, have you?’ mum says.

‘She has done it again’, Johnny answers before Nancy can say a word. ‘And she thinks I have it’, he added pouting his hands folded across his chest.

‘You did not accuse your brother!? Mum was not quite pleased.

‘I am sorry mum. I am sorry Johnny.’ Nancy answered downcast. ‘But I need to find Mimi before Jerry and Skipper tears her apart for good this time.’

Nancy looks up at mum with pleading eyes. ‘I promise I would always put away my toys so I would not forget the last place I kept them.

 Mum can see Nancy is very sorry and so she holds up Mimi which she has been hiding behind her back.

‘Here you go’, she says handing the doll to Nancy.

Nancy jumps up for joy. She is happy her mother found her doll.

‘Where did you find her mum?’ she asks.

‘I really did not find her,’ mum explains. ‘Skipper did.’

Mum had seen Skipper scratching at the unpacked cases Mimi was hiding in and she had suspected Skipper must be up to no good. And it was a good thing mum had gone to investigate, for she found the terrified Mimi. Mum had not known Mimi was terrified of course, but she had rescued Mimi from Skipper who would have torn her to pieces this time.

Nancy took Mimi from her mother and gave Mimi a big kiss on the cheek.

‘It’s a good thing mum found you Mimi, and from now on I shall name you Mimi the Forget-me-not because I promise I shall never forget you again.’

Mimi felt happy for she knew she was safe again.


6 Responses to “Forget-Me-Not”

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