Tweety and Tweet

3 May

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Tweety was flying with her family, a group of sparrows. There were hundreds of them flying together over the city. Ever since she hatched she had only known of life in the city.

She was a big bird now and was very attractive. But she was very choosey and that was why though all that hatched with her had their owned families, she was still a very single bird.

As Tweety flew across the city with the other sparrows, she noticed something way down below. It looked like a sparrow dust-bathing!

But that is strange, Tweety thought, We all have our baths in groups not as loners, I’d better go check it out.


Tweety made a detour and swooped to the ground. There she found the most handsome sparrow she had ever met. She watched him for a while as he flung sand over his body by flicking his wings as he lay in the hole he had scratched in the ground. He was in a world of his own, oblivious of her presence.

Tweety cleared her throat to catch his attention; the throat clearing sounded more like a screech for she was nervous.

The bather stopped, suddenly brought down the wing he was preening, jumped on its feet and looked in the direction of the sound. He executed all of this with a swiftness that left Tweety stunned.

‘Who are you and what are you doing here?’ he asked her in a gruff voice. He had NEVER allowed anyone look in while he was having his bath, this was so…embarrassing!

‘I noticed you were all alone and I wondered why, because we always have our bath in groups. Why are you all alone?’ she asked him.

He took a look around him.

‘Where are the others?’ he queried her.

‘What others?’ she asked him wondering if he had a screw loose or something.

‘Ah! You mean you are also alone right?’

Tweety gave him a suspicious look.

‘What are you doing here all alone anyway?’ she asked him again. She was slowly regretting her decision to investigate him. What if he attacked her? The thought made her to take a step back.

He moved around his hole wondering if he should ignore her and go back to his preening. But he had second thoughts about that, if he went back to his bath she would think he was showing off for her. So he decided to answer her question so she would go back to wherever she was coming from. 


‘This is the non-breeding season, so the great sparrows, which are what I am in case you have not noticed, can move about in solitary pairs,’ he told her.

‘You are a great sparrow?’ she asked excitedly. ‘I’ve heard so much about you!’

‘I hope they are good things,’ he murmured under his breath. ‘Now that you know, can you leave me in peace?’

She looked up into the sky, ‘There is just one tiny problem’ she answered. ‘I left my group without thinking it through and now I don’t know where I can find them’.

He turned around dejected, ‘Oh what now?’

She blew a raspberry at him and he spun around. ‘What was that?’

‘Nothing important’, she said, embarrassed he almost caught her in such childish behavior.

‘What do we do now?’ he almost wailed.

‘Get to know each other’, she answered calmly. ‘My name is Tweety, what is your name?’ she asked extending her feathered wings for a shake.

He looked at her extended wings for a while and extended his too. ‘My name is Tweet.’

‘Nice to meet you Tweet’, she said smiling.

‘Can’t say the same here’ he replied knowing very well that was not a polite thing to say but saying it anyway because he did not want her to feel welcome. He did not want her to know his heart was doing flip-flops.

‘I need to finish having my bath, could you turn around so I can continue?’ he asked trying to sound rude.

‘Well I am in need of a bath myself’, Tweety said, ‘So I guess I could take advantage of this time and do it.’

Tweet watched her as she scratched the ground, digging a small hole for herself. He did not know whether to get angry with her and bully her out of here or simply ignore her.

He decided to ignore her. If she was determined to stay and badger him, odds were that was exactly what she would do. He has seen the likes of her before, a looker, persistent, inquisitive, hard-headed and pigheaded all rolled in one. Scratch that, he had NOT seen the likes of her before.

He watched her as she tossed sand over herself with her wings. He was quite impressed, but he tried not to show it. Why think such a thought, she would soon move back to her group anyway and then what next?

Unknown to him, Tweety was also thinking along the same lines. She had really never liked crowds, and her group was quite a crowd, and Tweet’s dream had always been to fly away into the sunset alone with her soul mate.

She daydreamed as she started preening herself and in her daydream Tweet was her prince charming as she flew into a glorious sunset. She opened her eyes to find Tweet hopping about in front of her.

Tweet had his wing hanging low as he hopped about and then he spread his tail feathers and continued hopping about. She realised, much to her delight, that he was performing the mating dance!

Many males in her group had done this same dance in front of her but she had never been moved; but for the first time in her life felt…now what was it called again? An attraction. Yes she felt an attraction.

She looked away from him shyly with her wings crisscrossed in front of her and batted her eyelids several times.

Tweet hopped over to her, ‘This does not come easy with me’, he said rather shyly. Then clearing his throat he added, ‘I hope you won’t mind becoming my bird for all seasons?’

Tweety batted her eyelids a little bit more.

‘So what do you say, mon Cherie? Would you be my bird for all seasons?’

‘I won’t mind that,’ she answered.

‘You make me the happiest bird alive’ he said. ‘I promise to build you the finest nest ever my dear Tweety, and we would have the cutest birdies ever hatched you’ll see.’

Tweety was very happy. She was getting what she had always wanted, a solitary life with a great sparrow that was ready to take good care of her.

She looked up at the sky, evening was falling. She thought about her group. Would they miss her? They had always seen her as queer and she knew they would not risk coming to look for her, a sparrow that loved to be alone.

‘Ready to take a leap into the future with me?’ Tweet asked her.

She smiled as both of them took off together. Up in the sky she beheld the most beautiful sunset.


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