Table Setting Palaver

31 May

I resumed at the TV programme I co-present today after two weeks of absence. The programme by the way is Diction Avenue. There we discus English language, right pronunciations, right usage of words, vocabulary building etc, and people call in to ask questions or sometimes answer the questions we pose.

Anyway today we digressed albeit a little and discussed the conventional way to set the table (actually we discussed table manners), where do you have the knife, the fork, the spoon, glass(es) etc.


Then a call comes through and this young girl (we could tell from her voice) asks the question: “The table you have on display, (we had the picture of a table set for one person on display), is it for one person or the entire family?” And the chief presenter turns to me and says “Good question, now why don’t you answer that!” And I am momentarily dumbfounded because hey! we were supposed to be in it together. All the same I answered the question but I really need to know, why should  eating a meal be so…complicated with so much cutlery and stuff. Here most of our traditional meals are eaten with the fingers and it is so easy, all you do is give your hands a good wash and dig in.

Now I am torn because the topic has to be concluded next week and I know I would get worse questions and the chief presenter, well he thinks it’s my topic so I should deal with it so…what to do?


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