Being a Mother is No Piece of Cake

4 Jun

I have been a mother for like, thirteen years now, and I believe that one of the noblest, most wholesome tedious job is that of being a mother. Now I had my kids in quick successions…and I really mean “quick successions”-2000, 2001, 2003. It was like I was being pursued by someone or something, we never planned for it to happen that way but then it happened. Now that was a lot of stress, but I was determined to do things right, so I did my six month baby-friendly exercise with each and every one of them and enjoyed every backbreaking part of it. I had help too, those words of encouragement from both those who have been there and done that and those who had not been there but were positive they would handle it in an okay way if they had the chance.

Now they have grown…at least to a great extent and I have come to realise the truthfulness of what some said to me then, ‘Endure the hassles of their being so many and so little for they shall all grow at once, then you would enjoy them.’ I am surely doing so now, I am not changing diapers and spoon-feeding anyone but I have a greater challenge now, channeling them to becoming responsible adults.

With every facet of the child’s life the mother’s role remains constant, she is the cook, the steward, the guardian, the confidante, the mentor, the teacher, the helper, the builder, the pillar, the support…

This is definitely no piece of cake.


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