Who Really is Stronger?

6 Jun

When you hear the expression “wear the pants” it means ‘be the man’ right? But these days when both the men and women wear pants it becomes increasingly difficult for some to digest the full meaning of that expression. Since women are fully into the job market, the traditional family setting is fast dying. The common scene is mom and dad driving off in the morning to their respective workplaces while the school bus takes the children to school. Then after a hard days work, mom and dad returns and mom heads to the kitchen and if dad is generous enough he joins her in preparing the family dinner, but if he wants to “wear the pants” he sits in front of the TV and expects his dinner.

Now I am no feminist and the idea of women’s lib thoroughly irritates me.But when I see what the womenfolk have to go through from day to day, I really must give it to them (or to us for I am very much included).  The full time working mother is also a full time housewife for whenever she comes home she must keep house, doesn’t she? And when she asks for help from her macho husband he claims he has had a very tiring day and needs his rest and yet we are called the ‘weaker vessel’!

Well I believe the menfolk should show more of that machismo by trying to help out more around the house especially if the missus also works full time. I mean…what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, right? They should ‘wear the pants’ more by exhibiting that physical strength for which we have always known them. We shall greatly appreciate that for one thing every woman craves is a MAN who really ‘wears the pants’.


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