One Hell of a Cold Day

11 Jun

Many of us would come down with pneumonia this season. No I am not some some sort of dooms day prophet(ess), I am just stating facts. The rate at which it rains and the rate at which the wind blows when it rains is no joking matter at all. Sometimes the wind howls so hard you think it would blow off the roof! The good thing is the torrential rains facilitate a good nights sleep. You don’t toss and turn the way you do in hot summer nights, draped in sweat.

Today was really no exception, the rain was HEAVY, and the wind was unstoppable, bending trees but thankfully not breaking them. I kinda began to wonder how warmly the children dressed to school today, we should NEVER overlook what they are wearing these days. Anyway I am happy about the weather tonight and I am going to sleep very tight and try not to get pregnant while I am at it (a couple of my friends got pregnant about this time last year…typical!)

So it’s just one of those days that I never set eyes on the sun. Hopefully we may see it tomorrow, but if not we can rest assured that soooooner than we think, the sun would come out in all its glory and majesty.

See you all tomorrow and sleep tight, (that is if it is bedtime in your part of the world right now).


One Response to “One Hell of a Cold Day”

  1. louisa June 13, 2015 at 8:04 am #

    my mum always bringing the fun to blogging. now i know where my flare for writing cimes from #twinsies

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