20 Jun

I love watching the game of football. Scratch that, I love a GOOD game of football. I love football especially when it is a tough match and keeps you on edge half the time, it keeps your adrenaline pumping (well that is if you are not hypertensive, we don’t want some cardiac arrests on our hands, do we?).

But I get totally bored to tears when some football team comes up and has to go home with a basket full of goals, I mean this is not basketball, IT IS FOOTBALL…call it soccer if you like we are on the same page. When that happens a serious match begins to look like some kind of joke, a highly hilarious comedy or laugh riot (now I got that last term from the book Iceberg by Clive Cussler…interesting book).

Anyway, would someone ask me why I am rambling (this is not exactly ranting…)?¬† That is because I just watched Tahiti thrashed 10 goals to nil after they also suffered a 6-1 defeat a few days ago. The entire match felt like some kind of comedy.

There… I am done with my rambling!


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