Why So Many Angry People

25 Jun

Everywhere I look people are angry. When you drive on the road you encounter road rage. You get to your place of work and your greeting is not returned with a smile. You ask the question “How are you?” and they say you are prying. You decide not to ask and they say you are uncaring. There is nothing under the sun that people don’t pick as a basis for a display of anger. Have you tried breaking the ice by cracking a joke, they say you are making fun of them (another reason for anger).

With everyone so angry out there where do we get a respite?

Our homes should be a haven…a haven of peace and rest. Try to teach your kids to smile, to play, to laugh heartily, yes, heartily. Let the laughter bubble forth from deep in the stomach, let it roll and spin over, let it bring tears to the eyes. Yes, try and have that kind of laughter in your home at least once a day. Do not bring that anger from the street into your home. You can’t say but gradually, the anger out there would abate because a happy family is a happy community and invariably and angry home front gives birth to all that anger out there.

Have a happy night.


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