My Language, My Culture

2 Jul

For those who do not desire the language or their culture to die here  is introducing a program billed for  October the first, tentatively.  It is tagged ‘Ede Mi, Asa Mi’, which is Yoruba for ‘My Language, My Culture’. I know I blogged this earlier today but this is for those who missed it then for I believe it is very important as well as dear to me.

It has been noticed that many cultures are dying and since it is virtually impossible to separate language from culture, so are the languages.(It is noteworthy that many of us, modern parents, train our children with the English language, the kids do not understand a word in their native languages. I am a culprit in this too and that is very sad.)This makes many, including me, quite sad because when we lose our culture, we lose that which make us a people, we lose our values, for values are imbued with culture.

Cultures teach respect, respect for life, respect for their elders, parents, etc. For many, I must say mediocre, narrow minded people, accepting the western culture (or what is called ‘the foreign pop culture’) is equal to displaying all forms of lawlessness!

I am aware that the Western culture, though advocating freeness of speech, also teaches respect for everything and everyone that deserves respect. But it quite alarming how those of us from Africa (pardon my generalisation), I mean many of us from Africa, especially the youths, feel that the have to display a high form of unsocial behaviour to prove they have either visited or lived abroad. It is no wonder that many parents are returning their children home, if for nothing else, at least for them to learn respect.

Hence the introduction of My Language, My Culture. I would keep you posted as to arrangements put in place to make this event a success. After showcasing the Yoruba culture in this first edition, we shall move to the Ibo edition, Asusum, Omela alam’, and on. We look forward to this event with a lot of enthusiasm.


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