Free at Last?

4 Jul

Everyone has their own idea of what freedom is. When a child demands freedom from their parents, most of the time it has to do with such trivial things as choice of clothes for example. A child tells the mother “I am a big boy/girl now, I need my space”, and that is coming in the wake of the mother picking out an article of clothing, which the “big boy/girl feels is outdated, for an occasion.

An adolescent asks for freedom because of something which in their little minds might make or mar them. And what is the big issue? They want their curfew extended or lifted all together! Why do they demand this?  “All” the other kids in school do not abide by a curfew, duh!

A girl wants freedom because she needs to date that boy. A boy wants freedom because he has to hang out with his friends. A husband wants freedom, he doesn’t have to be with his wife all the time, does he? A wife needs freedom, who says a woman’s place is in the kitchen wearing an apron?

Then countries fight for freedom because they do not want anyone to rule over them.

You see everyone craves for freedom, but the question is can we ever be really free?

No matter how man looks at it, the freedom they get would always be relative. Now I am not really talking about freedom from God, non of us can obtain THAT freedom. (Even those who do not believe that God exists still depend on certain forces to remain alive, we all do.) I am saying that whatever freedom we may have we are dependent on something or someone.

The child that gets freedom to decide what to wear depends on their parents to provide the clothes; the adolescent that wants the curfew extended, depends on mummy and daddy dearest to provide the roof under which they would sleep whenever they return. The husband that craves freedom needs the comfort and warmth of his wife when he done gallivanting around town; the wife…don’t we all know her needs?

Then we come to an independent country and we begin to wonder, if no man is an island, what about whole countries? Even islands need supplies from the main land.

So then are we really free?


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