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13 Aug

Loneliness is when I’m alone

Alone without a thought

Loneliness is when I sit here

Sit here but not so caught

Loneliness is when I look around

Around but not inward

Loneliness is when I see you

See you without a word

Loneliness is when I think I’m happy

I’m happy but so, so sad

Loneliness is such a defiant monster

A monster that makes me mad.


Change of Routine

6 Aug

Remember my complaint about work recently?  Well it has really got me now. I have been very ill for some days now and problem is, it dare not interfere with the job. I have to be up every morning by 5am, hhave my usual cold bath though the weather is freezing cold by that time of the morning, try not to rouse the children (it’s a holiday! Who wakes up by 5am during a holiday?  Moi apparently) and then drive for an average of 2hours to get to my destination. 

See I am not really complaining per sey I like my job, especially when it does not interfere with my routine.

Now I have to go to work with a sack of medicine trailing me, well not really a sack. My point is I would not be this ill if I had not broken my routine. Hopefully it would be all over by next week. Then the kids would get to see me in the morning again. Am I glad! 


What Have I Been Up To Lately?

2 Aug

What have I been up to these days?


The children are on hols, and that means extra TLC in that direction. That does not mean they do not get a lot of that before now, but then, you know what I mean.

I have been conducting a speech training programme for the broadcasters of a particular TV station. That training entails I go a longer distance than I usually do to get to work. That means more time spent in the early morning rush. Traffic in Lagos, Nigeria…I don’t even want to go into that!

Then I also discovered this online business opportunity offered in now that has also eaten into my time. I suggest you pay the sight a visit, I believe I like what I see there.

Anyway, all of this makes for a busy schedule, I’ve gotten to that point that I feel tempted to feel sorry for myself 😦 But that is only a temptation because I lift my head high up and say “No pressure is going to kill my vibe!”

Yeah that was refreshing!



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