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Thank God it’s Friday?

27 Sep

Everyone I know thanks God it is Friday, just because Friday is a prelude to the weekend and fun lovers just love weekends. Well I love weekends too, but no, I don’t like Fridays.

If you live in a city like Lagos you would definitely hate Fridays. It is as if everyone has a place to go once it’s Friday evening and therefore all the routes that lead “anywhere” is blocked. You could be caught in traffic for hours on end.

Now you may be asking, “Since you know Friday traffic is that bad, why are you out yourself?” Good question, and I would not hesitate to answer it.

Friday evenings happen to be when I feature on the TV programme Diction Avenue on Galaxy TV.  I just have to be there and “smile pretty, pretty,” through the programme knowing full well that once I step out of that door, I may not get home in the next three hours, yes, three hours.

Today’s traffic was so bad I almost cried, and to top it all, my kids were with me. I was so exasperated I even yelled a couple of times! Oh well, I was in a chicken mood that should be expected…right?

Well when I got home my right foot was swollen fro pressing the brake and acceleration pedals. If I had my way I’ll get myself a driver…’if’ being the operative word.

Anyway, I am home now thank God, and I have had  a soothing bath. Maybe the weekend would turn out enjoyable after all, I just hope so.

Here’s to hoping!


School Again

23 Sep

It is another September and the children are back to school, this time with a twinge of excitement. Did you ask why? Well it is a brand new term in a brand new session, which means brand new classes with brand new thingies. By that I mean new shoes, bags, etc. Everything is generally new.

Now while the kids are celebrating “all things new,” parents are examining the deep holes in their pockets. Parents generally have the deepest holes in their pockets during this period. Schools squeeze and parents have no other option than to respond.

It is a thing of pride and joy when the kids get promoted into a new grade. Right now my eldest daughter has roughly three years more to graduate from high school. She is so proud of her result from the last national exam (I am proud of her too if I say so myself). And she wore her new “seniors” uniform today with a bright smile. The last kid also reached a landmark-she got into high school today! She too wore a big smile to school. She can’t get over the notion that she is now a “big girl.” Then my boy began his second year in high school. He wore a smile too (but not as big as the others).

I am happy and proud of them all, in spite of the deep hole their progress has created in our pockets and I am sure that all the parents out there share my joy because it is a reflection of theirs.

A big shout out to all parents!

In-laws or Out-laws

16 Sep

They would always be there either invited or uninvited (mostly uninvited) peeking into your affairs and offering u7nsolicited advice. If they had their way they would tell you how to sleep with your spouse, how to cook for the family (if you a wife), how to raise your children, how to budget your income (and that of your spouse of course). They are the in-laws, or would you rather they were called out-laws?

The existence of in-laws happen to be a thorn in the flesh of many wives, and even husbands sometimes. For what it’s worth, you wish to high heavens that they only exist in the backgrounds, faaaar backgrounds. But alas, they would rather  have centre stage!

In Africa, a young woman is married into the FAMILY of so and so. Therefore she is married to the entire family. She needs to do everything to satisfy the entire clan because she is married to THEM, not just to their son. If any of the husbands siblings stay with them in the house, the wife does the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, the raising of the children, the shopping…. She must do all of this because there is a ready made reporter in the house. If the husband helps out, the story is, “She has turned our brother into a houseboy.” If he scolds his siblings, “Our brother has changed, she has turned him against us”. If she complains that she does not fancy a particular behavior from her husbands siblings, the story is “She has no respect”. She works and they say she is wild and too exposed (akada). She stays at home and they say she is too lazy to do anything.

Just as the woman faces the in-law problem so does the man. But that of the man may not be as direct as the woman. The problem the man often has is in-laws accusing him of being stingy and not wanting to take care of the woman’s family. When the man spends on the woman’s family, his family would complain that his wife in manipulative, and they start to draw comparisons as to how they are treated when they visit their brother home. (The accusations could be so petty as to include the quantity and or quality of food they were served when they last visited.)

The matter is made worse if the man is fickle-minded and therefore is unable to keep is parents or siblings out of HIS family life. When he is the mother’s boy or father’s pet and is the “I can’t offend my family” type; you are so in for it!

Question therefore is, Do we outlaw the in-laws?


11 Sep

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Have You Ever

8 Sep

Have you ever been in a dream

And felt so happy you do not want to awake?

Have you ever been wide awake

And wished you could just up and wake from the bad dream?

Have you ever seen a new born baby

And wished you could have one to cuddle as your own?

Have you ever got to your home

And greeted by disarray wished you had no baby?

Such is the drudgery of life

Sometimes you get what you wish for sometimes you don’t

And even when you force it life just won’t

Serve up on a platter everything that you like

That is a fact, the reality

That we all must face

If we are to stop merely existing and start living



3 Sep

It’s really been quite an age! And as it is said here “Long time no see” or no hear as the case may be. I have been holidaying with the kids and we had a splendid time. We traveled all the way to Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja, a ten hour trip by road and I just looove road trips.

Here’s a brief ‘picture’ of what I’ve been up to with the kids.


ImageMillennium Park

ImageMillennium Park with Aso Rock (not the Presidential Villa) at the background

ImageRiding the space gun at Maitama Amusement Park

ImageThe children have fun at Silverbird Gallaria

ImageAnd do some swimming at Transcorp Hilton

Anyway the trip was quite a blast, eventful and all and now I am back. How has everybody been?

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