Lagos Traffic

7 Oct




Whether you own your own car or you join public transportation, you do not want to be caught up in Lagos Friday Traffic. Let’s call it LFT.

LFT begins at about 1600hrs. It begins to build just about then. And it could continue up until about 2200hrs. It is that bad. You could spend up to 4 to 5 hours in a distance that would take you about 30 minutes on a normal day.

The sad thing is you just find yourself in a massive unexplainable  traffic jam. Did I say unexplainable? Oh yes, with a capital “Y”. You keep moving at snail speed, sometimes it is a complete standstill and you keep wondering what the cause of the traffic is. Maybe there has been an accident. Maybe a car broke down on the road. Could it be the transporters stopping to pick up passengers in the middle of the road…like they normally would do anyway? No it must be that massive pothole we have somewhere along the route. Your imagination is running wild as to the cause of the traffic when you suddenly find out that vehicles around you have picked up speed. You look around, there is no broken-down truck, no accident, miraculously there are no transporters packed on the road. Cause of the massive traffic jam?

Absolutely NOTHING.

I am shaking my head, and wondering when we would ever get over  LFT. Maybe it has come to stay, or it is waiting for the construction of all the damaged, especially Federal, roads in Lagos State


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