13 Oct


With what words would I describe you?

With what words define you?

You are that which sears deep into my soul

With your tentacles enwrap me

So even in my struggles to shake you off

I only get entangled more and more

And my breath you snuff out

Leaving me with no energy

No strength to fight.


You are a weight I would love to lift

Off my shoulders my heart and soul

So I can gaze with cheerfulness

Upon those who to me are dear

But this weight is crushing

Bringing me to a place I do not want to be

A place that sorrow lives

And tears follow at its wake


You and sadness move hand in hand

You are genuine bed-fellows

You visit and you take over

You make a random call and you lay claim

To that which is not yours

My heart and my soul

To those over whom you have not a right

To those whom I hold dear


I know I shall thee conquer

Out of this pit of despair I shall rise

Why should I let you conquer me?

Why should I allow your callousness?

I shall break away from you

For our paths are not meant to be

As intertwined as you would love it to be.




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