Substance or Shadow

22 Oct

It really gets to me when people waste precious time chasing shadows. Do you realise that even when you catch up with a shadow you can’t stop it from moving away? That is because the substance that cast the shadow is still at large.

I wonder about this because I come from a country that majors in chasing shadows.

ASUU is on strike, and for what?

Because of payment o allowances, allowances running into billions! Granted, the government sucks (in fact all of human governments suck) but is that why a sector that has to do with educating the children would also want to descend to the same level of corruption? Have we taken the time to check out the so-called allowances these people are demanding, which has resulted in the children staying home for months? You would weep for this country if we do. AGREEMENT BTW FGN & ASUU – OCT 2009(1).pdf

And then the doctors decided to flush their Hippocratic oath down the toilet and kick patients out of hospitals in the name of a strike. The height of hypocrisy!

Very appalling indeed!


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