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All About Resolutions

27 Dec

Another year is around the corner and for many it is time to come up with the resolution for the year, simply stated, New Year’s resolution. When we talk about resolution we are simply saying what we have resolved to do. To resolve to do something one has a firm determination to meet the target. But for  many, resolutions are just a ritual, you just have to make one…the year has not begun for you if you have not made a resolution. So it seems that there really is no resolve, no determination.

Some resolve to quit smoking when a new year begins. That resolution lasts a few hours for some and a few days for others, and when they suffer a relapse…we can’t blame them, they tried.

For others, it is a resolution to be more homely or supportive of their spouses, a very good intention.

Some say, ‘No womanizing this year’ hmmm.

The big question then is, ‘Is it really worth it?’ Who are we kidding! Coming up with a resolution which we expect to last a whole year is quite a tall dream.

Wouldn’t it be better making a daily resolution and thereby taking life one step at a time? It is much easier to conquer one day at a time than to take on a whole year, after all the individual days make up the year. So make a daily resolution and stick to it. In that way you find that with each passing day you move closer and closer to the ultimate goal you set up for yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Make today’s resolution and see how you scale through for the rest of the year 🙂

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