A Trip Up a Hill

10 Jun

Two months ago I heard about a community that lived up a hill for a time for fear of being invaded. That is a whole village migrating up a hill (difficult to climb mind you) and living there for years with no communication with other communities around them for the period they stayed up there.

This happened somewhere in South-Western Nigeria, in a place known as Idanre. The hill actually exists till today and you have to go up approximately 660 steps to get to the top, these steps are part of a stairway that runs at the side of the hill clear to the top. There really is no danger of falling off the stairs it is perfectly safe with overhanging trees and rest stops in the case of your getting tired and needing to catch your breath.

Up the hill you can still find the village school, the palace of the king (Oba) and some of the ancient deities. There is a river up there, which explains why the village could be that self-sufficient. There is also the building where the ‘white man’ lived…who knows maybe that is how they were discovered.

The community has since come down the hill, when they were sure they were out of danger, and they now reside around the foot of the hill…interesting people if you ask me.

Quite an interesting place to visit – if you have the stamina to go up 660 steps. I did not last more than 350 steps, but going up those 660 steps is a promise I have made to myself.




2 Responses to “A Trip Up a Hill”

  1. JustDeb June 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm #

    Very interesting. I wonder if there is more research on them to find on google. Now I have to look. I would love to climb those steps and investigate the top of the hill. Thanks!

    • cbnwali June 11, 2014 at 5:12 pm #

      You are welcome to go up the hill anytime 😉

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