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The Children Just Love Fun

7 Jul

Madonna, the ‘material girl’ once sang that girls love fun. Much as I agree with that, I also know that another group that just loves fun is the children.

The children have a great capacity to love and appreciate those little things that the ‘adults’ seem to think is a complete waste of time. The children simply love a fun environment.They thrive in a fun environment.

Have you noticed that children do better when they are not being ‘examined’ under close ‘scrutiny’? A question a child would answer without stress when chatting their friends could be missed in the examination environment. That is because of the pressure and stress associated with the examination setting. No wonder some schools won’t pass any child below six years of age under the rigours of examinations. Yet these kids grow up more balanced than those who started sitting exams from age two. Why on earth should a child at such a tender age be labeled ‘bright’ or ‘dull’ based on the results of an examination!

Why not try raising your children under a fun environment? Let laughter reign in the home, the children leave to face each day with a cheerful disposition. Smile, smile at the children, look at your reflection in the mirror and smile. Give yourself and the children a treat. Go out to fun places and amuse yourselves.

Everyone, children or no, love fun after all.

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