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4 Jul

A lot has been said lately about rights without any consideration as to what is right.

The “rights” of humans on this planet has been given so much attention it is obvious man is just moving around in circles. This is due to the simple reason that where one person’s rights end is where  the next person’s begin.

All over the world we have civil rights, constitutional rights, child’s rights,  women’s rights,  human rights,  animal rights. Is anyone missing?  Men’s rights?  No such thing. Men already have ALL the rights embedded in their  genes they don’t need advocates. In fact they happen to be the ones dishing up all the rights and making us all feel worthy of being heard.

Talking of rights did I mention the one making waves now?  Gay rights?

Gone are the days that you can describe your child as gay with a smile on your face. Then,  Gay was synonymous with happiness. I am gay,  we’re all gay meant we are all of us happy.

Not so today.

The word gay has taken on a new meaning. To be gay now means to be homosexual. The change of meaning to me is the beginning of the infringement on my rights. I don’t think it’s fair that people give me an odd look when  I say “I am gay today” just because some people hijacked the word and gave it their own meaning and our learned friends decided to accord them the rights to do so.

While still reeling from the infringement on my rights to use the word having in mind it’s original meaning, another of my rights’ being infringed! Now I am being forced to accept something which I only tolerated. There’s a big difference between tolerating and accepting as right. I believe I have a right to tell my child “I don’t want to see you hanging out with so  and so”, for whatever reason I have. It could be because the person is not of good character and I don’t want the person’s character flaw to rub off on my son. It could also be because I know the person is homosexual and I don’t want my son to wake up tomorrow and tell me I gave birth to him with an inborn tendency to be homosexual.

Anyone who wants to be gay can go ahead and do so for all I care, as far as the person was not birthed by me. And I would definitely not say I won’t talk to you because you chose to be something I view to be wrong outright. But there is a limit to the kind of acquaintanceship I would form with a homosexual.

I believe that I have RIGHTS to choose who I do business with, who I work for, etc.And it is a huge infringement on my rights if I am prosecuted for saying I don’t like what you are doing.

Your rights end where my rights begin.



22 Jul

What is happening with the Nigeria Law-makers is highly embarrassing, if they are not fighting and breaking each other’s heads, they are sitting quietly and legalising atrocities! Worst part of it all is that they get paid fat salaries to sit or fight as the case may be. I feel for the children! I look at my 13 year old daughter and I cannot begin to imagine her sitting in some man’s house as the mistress/wife of the house. This is absurd! The kind of absurdity you find only in a country like Nigeria. Soon a bill would be passed legalising pedophilia!

Must Nigeria always take the first position in badness?!


My Language, My Culture

3 Jul

Enjoy the picture slides highlighting the culture of the Yoruba tribe of western Nigeria.

My Language, My Culture

2 Jul

For those who do not desire the language or their culture to die here  is introducing a program billed for  October the first, tentatively.  It is tagged ‘Ede Mi, Asa Mi’, which is Yoruba for ‘My Language, My Culture’. I know I blogged this earlier today but this is for those who missed it then for I believe it is very important as well as dear to me.

It has been noticed that many cultures are dying and since it is virtually impossible to separate language from culture, so are the languages.(It is noteworthy that many of us, modern parents, train our children with the English language, the kids do not understand a word in their native languages. I am a culprit in this too and that is very sad.)This makes many, including me, quite sad because when we lose our culture, we lose that which make us a people, we lose our values, for values are imbued with culture.

Cultures teach respect, respect for life, respect for their elders, parents, etc. For many, I must say mediocre, narrow minded people, accepting the western culture (or what is called ‘the foreign pop culture’) is equal to displaying all forms of lawlessness!

I am aware that the Western culture, though advocating freeness of speech, also teaches respect for everything and everyone that deserves respect. But it quite alarming how those of us from Africa (pardon my generalisation), I mean many of us from Africa, especially the youths, feel that the have to display a high form of unsocial behaviour to prove they have either visited or lived abroad. It is no wonder that many parents are returning their children home, if for nothing else, at least for them to learn respect.

Hence the introduction of My Language, My Culture. I would keep you posted as to arrangements put in place to make this event a success. After showcasing the Yoruba culture in this first edition, we shall move to the Ibo edition, Asusum, Omela alam’, and on. We look forward to this event with a lot of enthusiasm.


29 Jun

Had a very, no extremely busy day today and I am beat! I am just going to do the double falling

1. fall into bed

2. fall asleep

It is not easy being a wife, mother, elder sister…the whole title stands for different roles. When you are a wife, your husband makes demands and no matter how you look at it, it is his right.

When you are a mother, the children make demands, and with the internally built motherly instinct, you cannot help but fill their every need. It is not just their right to make demands, those demands give you a reason to live and keep on moving.

When you are an elder sister, your younger siblings make demands and heaven help you when they are in need and you are not there, you feel you have failed the entire universe.

All of these put together revolves around family, immediate and extended. Here in Africa family ties mean a whole lot and so the typical woman must learn how to play each and every role that comes her way.

Well like I said today was a seriously hectic day for me. I filled each and every part of those roles and still had to smile my way through visits from friends tonight, close friends who had to be entertained (see why I need the double falling?)

Today started with general housekeeping to preparing breakfast, to taking care of my sister, to shopping, to preparing two separate dishes (to be stored for the week), to playing video games with my boy (aren’t I a supermom? We played a game of car racing with the police at our heels!), to having a chat with my girls, to having friends over for dinner…hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

To sum it up it was a full day and like Kenny Rogers, ‘it’s gonna take more than waking to rouse me’ tomorrow morning!

Hope you all had a wonderful day, like I did today, and that you have a more splendid one tomorrow.

Nighty night.

WhenTeens Begin to Wish to Die…There is a Problem!

12 Jun

When I remember my childhood, I remember dreams…dreams of castles and princes in shining armour, dreams of having a dozen adorable children to dote on, dreams of living to be a hundred and fifty and yet NOT growing old, dreams of my parents always being there no matter how old we get to be, visions of becoming a celebrity and always rising to the cheering and applause of a massive crowd (even rehearsing how I would wave to them in response to the applause).

Tall dreams all of these, but such was the joy of childhood and adolescence, NEVER in the agenda was death! Then the world was more focused, though the badness was still there but the most heinous of crimes were only found in the movies.

Now worse crimes than movie makers can conjecture are committed in real life, the resultant effect? Our children who really should be living carefree lives now want to end it all. We have severely depressed children than at any other time in our generation. (I remember it was considered impossible for a child below 18 to have a headache when I was growing up, the general thinking was, “What is the child thinking about so as to have a headache?) Now children are born with headaches, they have brain tumours and problems that even adults find difficult to understand.

When I read about what is happening to Paris Jackson, I cannot help but feel for the poor fifteen year old who preoccupies herself with thoughts of dying. She is simply re-living her father’s life…no childhood.

We need to feel pity for the children, the teens of this generation. They have far more in their plates than some of us had for two score years put together. Could it be TV, the world’s warped idea of entertainment and humour? Are we in such a dead hurry to have our children grow up that we bring them face to face with adult problems and expect them to rise to the occasion?

Whatever it is, let’s let the children play, when they want to, skip about when they deserve to, talk like children when they have the chance…Let’s let the children BE children.

Table Setting Palaver

31 May

I resumed at the TV programme I co-present today after two weeks of absence. The programme by the way is Diction Avenue. There we discus English language, right pronunciations, right usage of words, vocabulary building etc, and people call in to ask questions or sometimes answer the questions we pose.

Anyway today we digressed albeit a little and discussed the conventional way to set the table (actually we discussed table manners), where do you have the knife, the fork, the spoon, glass(es) etc.


Then a call comes through and this young girl (we could tell from her voice) asks the question: “The table you have on display, (we had the picture of a table set for one person on display), is it for one person or the entire family?” And the chief presenter turns to me and says “Good question, now why don’t you answer that!” And I am momentarily dumbfounded because hey! we were supposed to be in it together. All the same I answered the question but I really need to know, why should  eating a meal be so…complicated with so much cutlery and stuff. Here most of our traditional meals are eaten with the fingers and it is so easy, all you do is give your hands a good wash and dig in.

Now I am torn because the topic has to be concluded next week and I know I would get worse questions and the chief presenter, well he thinks it’s my topic so I should deal with it so…what to do?

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