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My Bleeding Heart

12 Jun

The sun’s stopped shinning

It’s really cold in here

And it’s not even raining

Don’t deserve a cheer

I can see it’s bleeding

Can’t be from the cold

Everything is reddening

What it’s contents hold

Gazing far beyond the horizon

Nothing there but mist

A mist beyond comparison

And I clench my fist

Days of happiness long gone

Sadness in it’s wake

Sadness of a dying sun

Coldness it would take

Would my bleeding heart survive

This coldness this numbness

Or can I my heart revive

Give my soul some calmness



13 Oct


With what words would I describe you?

With what words define you?

You are that which sears deep into my soul

With your tentacles enwrap me

So even in my struggles to shake you off

I only get entangled more and more

And my breath you snuff out

Leaving me with no energy

No strength to fight.


You are a weight I would love to lift

Off my shoulders my heart and soul

So I can gaze with cheerfulness

Upon those who to me are dear

But this weight is crushing

Bringing me to a place I do not want to be

A place that sorrow lives

And tears follow at its wake


You and sadness move hand in hand

You are genuine bed-fellows

You visit and you take over

You make a random call and you lay claim

To that which is not yours

My heart and my soul

To those over whom you have not a right

To those whom I hold dear


I know I shall thee conquer

Out of this pit of despair I shall rise

Why should I let you conquer me?

Why should I allow your callousness?

I shall break away from you

For our paths are not meant to be

As intertwined as you would love it to be.



WhenTeens Begin to Wish to Die…There is a Problem!

12 Jun

When I remember my childhood, I remember dreams…dreams of castles and princes in shining armour, dreams of having a dozen adorable children to dote on, dreams of living to be a hundred and fifty and yet NOT growing old, dreams of my parents always being there no matter how old we get to be, visions of becoming a celebrity and always rising to the cheering and applause of a massive crowd (even rehearsing how I would wave to them in response to the applause).

Tall dreams all of these, but such was the joy of childhood and adolescence, NEVER in the agenda was death! Then the world was more focused, though the badness was still there but the most heinous of crimes were only found in the movies.

Now worse crimes than movie makers can conjecture are committed in real life, the resultant effect? Our children who really should be living carefree lives now want to end it all. We have severely depressed children than at any other time in our generation. (I remember it was considered impossible for a child below 18 to have a headache when I was growing up, the general thinking was, “What is the child thinking about so as to have a headache?) Now children are born with headaches, they have brain tumours and problems that even adults find difficult to understand.

When I read about what is happening to Paris Jackson, I cannot help but feel for the poor fifteen year old who preoccupies herself with thoughts of dying. She is simply re-living her father’s life…no childhood.

We need to feel pity for the children, the teens of this generation. They have far more in their plates than some of us had for two score years put together. Could it be TV, the world’s warped idea of entertainment and humour? Are we in such a dead hurry to have our children grow up that we bring them face to face with adult problems and expect them to rise to the occasion?

Whatever it is, let’s let the children play, when they want to, skip about when they deserve to, talk like children when they have the chance…Let’s let the children BE children.

Something Worse than Drunk Driving…Maybe

20 Mar

I guess your question would be “Whatever could be worse than drunk driving!? How about driving when you are emotionally unbalanced? I’ll call it “depression driving”.

You are there behind the steering wheel your eyes focused in the right direction-ahead of you, everyone that you pass by, or that pass you by can see you are wide awake. Everyone can see you, but the question is, do YOU see them?

Your eyes are open and staring ahead, but they are unseeing eyes. You are simply going through motions without thoughts. The sounds and images around you really are meaningless to your existence at that particular moment because you are preoccupied with something weightier than the task at hand.

How many actually get to their destination in such a state?

My summation? When you feel depressed, when you the whole world is crashing down on you? When you feel so unhappy you can hardly breathe. When you feel lost. DON’T get behind the steering wheel. You may end up doing something more depressing than whatever may have gotten you depressed.

So what to do? Take a deep breath and exhale. Call a friend and ask them to drive you. You never can tell, that singular action could save your life and that of countless others.

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