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Have a Kid in High School? (Continued)

10 Mar

Here are the rest of the groupings or categories.
The Dorks
The dork is considered to be silly, out-of-touch, tends to look odd or behave ridiculously around others; a social misfit, a stupid, inept, or foolish person.
This is going by the definition of the other kids. A girl that does not go around in the skimpy and “trendy” clothes would be labeled a dork, don’t you think?
Nerd (adjective: nerdy) is a descriptive term, often used to indicate that a person is overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired. They may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, obscure, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities. Additionally, many nerds are described as being shy, quirky, and unattractive, and may have difficulty participating in, or even following, sports. Though originally derogatory, “Nerd” is a stereotypical term, but as with other pejoratives, it has been reclaimed and redefined by some as a term of pride and group identity.
These are the bookworms so to speak and last time I checked, we send our kids to school to read books and study.

The Duffs
Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Be attentive to how your kids feel about their looks. If they are fussy about their weigh when there really is no reason for it, watch out! They may have been designated duffs in school.
The Bully
Bullying is a common occurrence in most schools. Bullies thrive with terrorizing others and striking fear in them. A bully does not necessarily have to be bigger in size, they have mastered the art of inflicting pain be it physical, mental, emotional. Some bully as a means of self-preservation, others just for fun. No one loves to be bullied, and no one loves to raise a bully.
The Geeks
The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult
Not to be confused with Nerd. A geek does not have to be smart, a Geek is someone who is generaly not athletic, and enjoys Video Games; Comic Books; being on the internet, and etc.
The term now enjoys a special status within the technical community, particularly among particularly knowledgable computer programmers. To identify oneself as a “geek” indicates a recognition that most people still consider programming computers to be a bizarre act, along with a certain fierce satisfaction in being very good at their inglorious profession.

That most software geeks now easily earn twice as much as the average laborer just sweetens their defiant embrace of the term.

Note: Unlike the word “nerd,” which is always pejorative, “geek” often carries a positive connotation when used by one of the group. The use of the term by outsiders is considered insulting.
Those outside the group feel the geeks are weird or uncool. The geeks just love being geeks.
CL Complete Loser
A person who has fallen off the social ladder, climbed down the social ladder, jumped off the social ladder, or just never bothered to climb the social ladder in the first place. Upon arrival on the ground, losers begin to befriend fellow groundlings and realize how much fun a person can have when gravity isn’t an issue. It is perfectly acceptable to insult losers, because they have nowhere to fall to and it won’t hurt much. They will end up laughing about it later, anyways. Every now and then, a loser will glance at the top of the social ladder, but it is never long before they realize how pointless and stupid the top of the ladder is.
The saying “He that is down fears no fall” comes in handy. They are like the ‘factionless’ in the movie Divergents. They mind their own business and hope you mind yours.
The Cool Kids
-When someone is “cool” they are popular, suave, and you like them.
The cool kids are also popular, but may not come with the fat bank accounts and certainly are not dumb.
The Dweebs
Different then nerd, geek, or dork. A dweeb is someone who is intellectual and socially-inept, but also ineffectual and devoid of passion.
Max, fitting the role of the dweeb, spent all Friday night reading Hartshorne’s “Algebraic Geometry” while the others in the dorm wing went downtown for an evening of fun.
By looking between all of these definitions, we realise that the word ‘dweeb’ translates more or less to ‘loser’
Why don’t you try to find out how your kids are faring in this new environment called high school? How do their peers view them? How do they feel about how their peers and school mates relate to them? Is it affecting their studies? Do your kids really like school?
You’ll be glad you did.


Tom Gets a Bunny Rabbit

15 Apr

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Tom has always dreamed of owning a pet. He dreamed of it so much that he not only saw animals in his dreams but also when he was wide awake, which was quite peculiar because he lived in the city and there were no animals around.

Tom’s name was actually Thomas Wallace, but he preferred to be called Tom for short. He liked the name Tom. It reminded him of the famous cat in the cartoon series, Tom and Jerry. Though going by Tom’s performance in the cartoon series he would rather be called Jerry because Jerry always outsmarted Tom.

Maybe it was his love for the Tom and Jerry series that made him desire a pet so much. He could keep a cat, but mum says it would tear up the entire furniture. Could he keep a mouse then, just a cute little white one? Mum would not hear of it. Whoever kept a mouse as a pet!

He tried to get dad to listen to him and get him a pet but dad always agreed with mum. There was no defeating the two.

One day, Tom’s family watched a documentary on wild life. They watched a documentary that showed the life of a rabbit. Tom fell in love with the beautiful creature called the rabbit and from then on he started asking mum to get him a bunny rabbit.

Mum could not find any excuse for not obliging him. She too had watched the documentary and knew the bunny rabbit was harmless. But she wanted Tom to do something before he could get one for himself.

‘You have to save up money to get yourself a bunny rabbit if you really want one’, she said.

Tom was happy his mother had given him permission to keep a bunny rabbit as pet even if he had to pay for it himself. He went to a pet shop to find out how much he would have to pay to get himself a bunny rabbit.

The owner of the pet shop took one look at Tom and shook his head.

‘You can’t be here on your own, your parents have to do the business of getting you a pet by themselves’, he said quite sternly.

‘But I have their permission to be here’, Tom answered politely. ‘And besides I only want to know how much a bunny rabbit goes for’ he continued ‘like that one’, he said pointing to a white bunny rabbit inside its cage chewing at something in its hands.

‘Oh that, well that would cost you five dollars’ answered the pet shop owner. ‘Do you like her?’Image



‘She is so beautiful’, Tom answered. ‘But I have to save up more money in order to get it’ he told the pet shop owner. ‘Could you hold it down for me till the end of the week? Then I would have saved enough money to pay for it.’

The pet shop owner, grumpy though he was, was impressed by what Tom was doing. How many little kids like Tom would save up money to buy a pet he thought. Tom could not be more than eight and here he was ready to save money to get himself a pet. The man was so impressed that he said to Tom ‘I would give you a discount of five percent because you are saving up the money yourself. Can you figure out how much you are going to pay at the end of the week?’

Tom creased his forehead in concentration.

‘If ten percent of five dollars is fifty cents, then five percent would be twenty-five cents.’ He smiled to himself as he turned to the man. ‘I have to pay four dollars seventy-five cents.’

The once grumpy man smiled at Tom. ‘That is very correct young man, now you go and when you come back in a week you would have your white bunny rabbit.’

Tom went back home happy with himself. He already had two dollars and fifty cents in his piggy bank and his parents always gave him 50¢ as pocket money each school day, so he knew that if he saved all of his pocket money for the week, he would have the money he needed for the bunny rabbit. But he still had a problem, how would he resist the temptation to spend his money when his friends were busy spending theirs?

Tom’s best friend was Carly. She was smart and helped him to be a good boy when in school. She had a good influence on him.

When tom got to school on Monday, he could not speak to Carly because he arrived just before classes began. When school was over however, he looked for and found Carly at the locker room. She was with Spencer, another friend of his.

‘Hi Carly, hey Spencer’, greeted Tom.

‘Hello Tom’, Carly answered. ‘Spencer wants us to get some cotton candy on our way back’.

‘Well… I can’t do that’, Tom said looking slightly downcast.

‘Why is that?’ Spencer asked. ‘Your folks did not give you your pocket money today?’

‘No’, said Tom. ‘They did.’

‘Then why can’t you get some cotton candy with us?’ Carly asked.

‘Well I am saving up for a pet’.

‘A pet!’ exclaimed Carly. ‘Your mum finally permitted you to keep one?’

‘Yes she did’, Tom answered relieved that Carly was happy for him.

‘What pet do you intend to get?’ asked Spencer.

‘I want to get a bunny rabbit’ Tom replied.

‘They are cute creatures’, Carly observed.

‘Why do you have to save for it?’ Spencer asked not at all impressed. ‘Can’t your parents get you a pet?’

‘Don’t pay him any attention’ Carly said quickly and shot Spencer a distasteful look. ‘WE shall help you save up for your bunny, won’t we?’ she looked pointedly at Spencer brooking no objections.

‘Yes we shall help’ Spencer agreed reluctantly.

And so it was that throughout the week Carly and Spencer shared their pocket money with Tom so he would have enough money to buy his bunny rabbit.

At the end of the week, Tom opened his piggy bank and counted the money he had inside it. He was surprised he had the sum of seven dollars Image




in it! He already had four dollars and fifty cents BEFORE he started saving for the bunny rabbit.

Tom was very happy. He told his parents that he had enough money to get the bunny rabbit. His father helped him to construct a cage for the bunny and then accompanied him to get the bunny from the pet shop.

The owner of the pet shop was happy to see Tom again. He had been looking forward to seeing the smart boy who had performed mental sums in front of him the week before.

‘Hello boy’, he greeted Tom as Tom walked into the shop with his father.

‘This must be your father’, the man continued.

‘Good afternoon sir,’ Tom responded. ‘Yes, this is my father. I came for my bunny rabbit.’

‘Your bunny is right here waiting for you’, the man replied.

His father picked up the bunny rabbit for his son and Tom paid for it. Tom gave the man five dollars and the man gave him change of 25¢.

The shop owner also gave Tom some nuts and seeds to feed the rabbit with.

Tom was so happy when he got home. The rabbit was let into its new home. Tom put some of the seeds into a container and kept it in the cage for the rabbit to eat. As he did that the rabbit nuzzled his hand and licked it. This showed that the bunny liked him already.Image

Mum came over to Tom, ‘So what name do you want to give your pet?’ she asked.

‘I would name her Cutey because she looks so cute’, he said.

Mum and dad laughed at that.

Later Spencer and Carly came to see the bunny. Tom told them her name was Cutey and they laughed too.

Tom went into the kitchen and came out with some muffins and cotton candy for his friends. Since he had about two dollars to spare he had decided to give his supportive friends a treat.

Later that evening after Tom had feed his bunny and had his own dinner he went into his bedroom to find five dollars on his bed together with a note.

The note said “Because we are proud of you.” And it was signed Mum and Dad.

Tom went to bed feeling very happy, he had his bunny, his money back and best of all, parents that really loved him.





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