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My Baby, My Daughter

16 Jul

Who can place the real value

On a magnificent child

Tell me if you have a clue

For fear I too may go wild.

The magnificent child oh

So precious and so divine

Would lift you high from below

And then keep you right in line

Strayed have you…ever been tempted

Look at those innocent eyes

And yes, don’t be affected

Don’t ask yourself all the whys

You really must be made of stones

Something harder than concrete

Not to see the dif’rent tones

Tears magnificent and neat

My baby yes my daughter

How magnificent you are

Your days so filled with laughter

Just like mine so yours too are


What I call Fun

1 Jun

Fun is when I spend a full day with the kids around me making endless noises.

Fun is when everyone around you is happy even when there are reasons to be sad.

Fun is when I prepare the family’s dinner knowing they would love it.

Fun is when you see humour even in things that could be termed a disaster.

Fun is when I try not fear what I really is unknown.

Fun is when I share a joke or two with someone I just met.

Fun is when I laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes.

Fun is when I am simply free with little or nothing to worry about.

Fun is what I had today.

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