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Where Are We Now?

10 Sep

The long vacation started end of July for some pupils/students, early August for others, and like every other holiday, the children could not wait to really get into it. Then, the menace called Ebola set in. The press had a field day, spreading terror how best they could. It was like “Catch Ebola in the bus-stop nearest to you”. What else could ruin a holiday than a life-threatening virus.

Granted, the sensationalism created a lot of awareness, (let’s not talk about the bathe and drink salt saga) and a whole lot of changes in many. Notable amongst others is how orderly Nigerians became…no more pushing and shoving at bus-stops, minimal body contact inside of buses, and then the hand sanitisers!

I think producers of hand sanitisers made their greatest sales this period. You can find hand sanitisers sticking out of purses, back pockets, breast pockets… Even those who know nothing about the sanitisers use them these days. For some hand sanitisers replaced the hand creams. It is not surprising to find some using hand sanitisers after washing their hands with soap under running water! Strikes me as quite funny, since the washing of hands with simple soap and running water is really all that is needed, maybe the sanitisers are for ‘double’ protection.

Next we have multiple resumption dates for schools. The Federal government’s directive to adjust the school resumption date was greeted with mixed reactions. Those whose entire livelihood depends on schools’ resuming would not hear of it. If you ask me, all the brouhaha over the resumption date is entirely selfish. Have we really sat back to think about what would happen if this virus enters the school environment? We shall be talking about the wiping out of whole families! The ‘it is not my portion’ ideology alone would cause the biggest problem.

Many, due to their religious affiliations do not believe that anything ‘bad’ can happen to them. This in itself is a high powered self deceit. Bad things happen everyday, even to the most righteous of men! Anyway, back to Ebola, how many parents would have a child running a fever, vomiting, etc and associate the illness to the dreaded virus? We would first try out our usual self medication, during which time the virus would simply pass on to others within the family. If that doesn’t work the next port of call is the church for ‘faith healing’. Even if there is a nagging suspicion of what the problem really is, who would be brave enough to give it its rightful name, after all ‘it is not our portion’. Of course, the hospital is the last resort.

So where exactly are we now? Are schools resuming on the 22nd of September? 13th of October? Indefinitely?

Putting aside our selfishness, what exactly is the right thing to do?

Substance or Shadow

22 Oct

It really gets to me when people waste precious time chasing shadows. Do you realise that even when you catch up with a shadow you can’t stop it from moving away? That is because the substance that cast the shadow is still at large.

I wonder about this because I come from a country that majors in chasing shadows.

ASUU is on strike, and for what?

Because of payment o allowances, allowances running into billions! Granted, the government sucks (in fact all of human governments suck) but is that why a sector that has to do with educating the children would also want to descend to the same level of corruption? Have we taken the time to check out the so-called allowances these people are demanding, which has resulted in the children staying home for months? You would weep for this country if we do. AGREEMENT BTW FGN & ASUU – OCT 2009(1).pdf

And then the doctors decided to flush their Hippocratic oath down the toilet and kick patients out of hospitals in the name of a strike. The height of hypocrisy!

Very appalling indeed!

What Have I Been Up To Lately?

2 Aug

What have I been up to these days?


The children are on hols, and that means extra TLC in that direction. That does not mean they do not get a lot of that before now, but then, you know what I mean.

I have been conducting a speech training programme for the broadcasters of a particular TV station. That training entails I go a longer distance than I usually do to get to work. That means more time spent in the early morning rush. Traffic in Lagos, Nigeria…I don’t even want to go into that!

Then I also discovered this online business opportunity offered in http:sfimg.com now that has also eaten into my time. I suggest you pay the sight a visit, I believe I like what I see there.

Anyway, all of this makes for a busy schedule, I’ve gotten to that point that I feel tempted to feel sorry for myself 😦 But that is only a temptation because I lift my head high up and say “No pressure is going to kill my vibe!”

Yeah that was refreshing!




22 Jul

What is happening with the Nigeria Law-makers is highly embarrassing, if they are not fighting and breaking each other’s heads, they are sitting quietly and legalising atrocities! Worst part of it all is that they get paid fat salaries to sit or fight as the case may be. I feel for the children! I look at my 13 year old daughter and I cannot begin to imagine her sitting in some man’s house as the mistress/wife of the house. This is absurd! The kind of absurdity you find only in a country like Nigeria. Soon a bill would be passed legalising pedophilia!

Must Nigeria always take the first position in badness?!

Sometimes I Wonder…

23 Jun

Sometimes it feels so lousy and frustrating being Nigerian. Imagine clicking on a film on YouTube and being told its contents has been blocked for your country because of copyright laws.

Don’t get me wrong, my problem is not with YouTube, it is with the country to which I belong, a country which ranks, no I don’t want to state that it is too embarrassing, in the list of corrupt nations. Copyright laws exist here alright, but do they go implemented? THAT is the point. And now the generalisation is making those of us who know what to and what not to do with copyright properties look like criminals.

Did I say criminals? Of course I said criminals! Anyone who has no respect for or steals others’ properties, intellectual or otherwise is a criminal, pure and simple.

I believe in calling a spade a spade, but I don’t believe in generalisation. I believe in judging each individual on their merits and not with relation to others of the same tribe or race or country. But then since the world thrives in generalisation, well, I have no choice but to look for alternatives that my “beloved country” can access.


Speling Bee

18 May

Speling Bee

After a tiring exercise (believe me when I say tiring) speller 23 emerged winner of the maiden edition of the NASCON Spelling Bee tagged Spell Your Way to Fame. She won the total prize money of N200,000. She was closely followed by Speller 13 who went away with N125,000, and speller 2 with N100,000. It was refreshing to watch them spell jaw-breaking words. But the irony is that the last word that was spelt by the winner that shot her to fame, was the simply word, “naive”. Kudos!

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