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My Bleeding Heart

12 Jun

The sun’s stopped shinning

It’s really cold in here

And it’s not even raining

Don’t deserve a cheer

I can see it’s bleeding

Can’t be from the cold

Everything is reddening

What it’s contents hold

Gazing far beyond the horizon

Nothing there but mist

A mist beyond comparison

And I clench my fist

Days of happiness long gone

Sadness in it’s wake

Sadness of a dying sun

Coldness it would take

Would my bleeding heart survive

This coldness this numbness

Or can I my heart revive

Give my soul some calmness


When All Hope is Gone

23 Jun

The leaf hangs on there


Up, up up the top

Of the tree

Blown hither and tither

By the wind

Which blows on all

All that sinned

Then comes the fall

attachment broken

The leaf briefly its

Fall is broken

By the countless others

leaves like itself

That clothe the tree

the tree itself

But the leaf its mission

must fulfil

It glides away from

the others still

And continues its fall

yes it does

This time on its own

it really does

Glide and glide blown

Hither and tither

Then it lands right

there on the water

Which flows with a

mind of it’s own

Wherefore the leaf goes

It glides with the flow

The same way the water


To a land, to land

Where there is no hope

Gone Without a Sound

7 Jun

I have been around the world

Searching every nook and crany

To find that one that’s special

Alas! There seems to be many

There my vision to blur

My head to thoroughly mess with

And when I’m feeling blue

My heart to thoroughly play with

But then I found you

Though complete with your faults and all

Hope you saw me too

Standing there amongst them so small

Felt like calling to mama

Mum! Look who I finally found!

It was just for a second

But you were gone without a sound


13 Aug

Loneliness is when I’m alone

Alone without a thought

Loneliness is when I sit here

Sit here but not so caught

Loneliness is when I look around

Around but not inward

Loneliness is when I see you

See you without a word

Loneliness is when I think I’m happy

I’m happy but so, so sad

Loneliness is such a defiant monster

A monster that makes me mad.

My Baby, My Daughter

16 Jul

Who can place the real value

On a magnificent child

Tell me if you have a clue

For fear I too may go wild.

The magnificent child oh

So precious and so divine

Would lift you high from below

And then keep you right in line

Strayed have you…ever been tempted

Look at those innocent eyes

And yes, don’t be affected

Don’t ask yourself all the whys

You really must be made of stones

Something harder than concrete

Not to see the dif’rent tones

Tears magnificent and neat

My baby yes my daughter

How magnificent you are

Your days so filled with laughter

Just like mine so yours too are

Just Give Them Your Love

14 Jul

When a baby is born and utters the first cry

Just give them your love

When a child cries for nothing but the sky

Just give them your love

When they’ve done nothing but hurt you so deep

Just give them your love

When it seems they roll down a mount so steep

Just give them your love

For nothing conquers a heart gone astray

Than Love unconditional and so gay

Just give them your love

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