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So True

15 Sep

I came across a quote yesterday, it was or is a wisdom quote. I so loved the quote I had to have it re-blogged (it was originally blogged by Otrazhenie). The quote simply goes ‘The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re okay.’

How nice to have the strong ones amongst us weak mortals. I say ‘us weak mortals’ because I don’t see myself as being strong, most times I need someone to ‘unburden’ on, someone who would perform the simple act of listening, sometimes not listening to proffer solutions but just listening. I am sure many of us fall under that category.

Point is even the weak at times have to exhibit some strength when they meet with those they are stronger than. Virtually everyone has someone or those who look up to them. A parent undergoing depression has to cast aside their depression to be strong for their children, the children is their department,they just have to man it depressed or no. Even amongst the children, the younger ones tend to look up to the older ones and the older ones simply assume the role of the strong one when the parents just aren’t there. You find older siblings forgoing their meals for the younger ones, or rustling up some food for them to eat even if they have zero cooking skills. I remember when we were little, sometimes we would get back from school and there’s nothing to eat (no prepared meal) and mum and dad are still at work. Our eldest brother would go to the backyard, there was a kind of flower garden there with some other plants that looked like vegetables, I don’t know how he did it, but he would get some of those ‘vegetables’ some snails and he always came up with tasty ‘nameless’ dishes! For us then he was the strong one and he always made sure we, his younger siblings were okay before he had his meal.

So what I am saying in effect is that there is a hierarchy when it comes to being strong. In the family arrangement, the ultimate source of strength is the husband/father. Everyone in the home looks up to him. Sometimes in trying to keep up the appearance of being strong, some of them actually do without complaining about any form of discomfort or ailment. How many sudden deaths are recorded for women, how about men in general? Do the math.

Another set of ‘strong’ ones that should be taken care of are caregivers. It is so easy to overlook caregivers and assume they are okay…always okay. I have seen several occasions where the caregiver gave up before the person they were caring for.

So true indeed the saying ‘The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re okay.’ 

Let’s make it a habit to ask if the strong are okay, take time out to check on them and find out how they are faring. You may just find out that the strong person you are looking at may not really be that strong after all. Everyone needs some tender loving care.


And Bang! You Are Awake

21 Jun

Have you ever been so tired from so much work you did through the day, and you can’t wait for night fall so you have all the sleep you deserve and more, if possible? You are practically sleep walking as you go through the motions, or are they the ‘before bed rituals?’

a light dinner? Check

a shower or a long soak? Check

your favourite night gown, pajamas, something you are comfortable with? Check

a comfy bed and heavenly pillows? Check

the right room temperature? Check

You crawl into bed with the greatest enthusiasm, a fitting end to a stress-filled day. And then…

You wait…

You can hear the clock ticking endlessly, was that an owl hooting out there?

The wait continues

You find yourself listening for the minutest sounds you can ever imagine. You give your head a vigorous shake, you’re supposed to be sleeping right? You toss and turn, you count sheep, you pick up a old boring novel, but nothing helps, you are simply awake. Then you get up and pace around the room, trying to get yourself tired? again?

Many would identify with this scenario and wonder where to get help.

I am no sleep therapist, so I certainly cannot help you with this problem. All I want you to know is that you are not alone in this, millions out there also find it difficult to fall asleep, even after a hard days work.

So if you have a solution, why don’t you share it? It would be highly appreciated.


Thank God it’s Friday?

27 Sep

Everyone I know thanks God it is Friday, just because Friday is a prelude to the weekend and fun lovers just love weekends. Well I love weekends too, but no, I don’t like Fridays.

If you live in a city like Lagos you would definitely hate Fridays. It is as if everyone has a place to go once it’s Friday evening and therefore all the routes that lead “anywhere” is blocked. You could be caught in traffic for hours on end.

Now you may be asking, “Since you know Friday traffic is that bad, why are you out yourself?” Good question, and I would not hesitate to answer it.

Friday evenings happen to be when I feature on the TV programme Diction Avenue on Galaxy TV.  I just have to be there and “smile pretty, pretty,” through the programme knowing full well that once I step out of that door, I may not get home in the next three hours, yes, three hours.

Today’s traffic was so bad I almost cried, and to top it all, my kids were with me. I was so exasperated I even yelled a couple of times! Oh well, I was in a chicken mood that should be expected…right?

Well when I got home my right foot was swollen fro pressing the brake and acceleration pedals. If I had my way I’ll get myself a driver…’if’ being the operative word.

Anyway, I am home now thank God, and I have had  a soothing bath. Maybe the weekend would turn out enjoyable after all, I just hope so.

Here’s to hoping!

Change of Routine

6 Aug

Remember my complaint about work recently?  Well it has really got me now. I have been very ill for some days now and problem is, it dare not interfere with the job. I have to be up every morning by 5am, hhave my usual cold bath though the weather is freezing cold by that time of the morning, try not to rouse the children (it’s a holiday! Who wakes up by 5am during a holiday?  Moi apparently) and then drive for an average of 2hours to get to my destination. 

See I am not really complaining per sey I like my job, especially when it does not interfere with my routine.

Now I have to go to work with a sack of medicine trailing me, well not really a sack. My point is I would not be this ill if I had not broken my routine. Hopefully it would be all over by next week. Then the kids would get to see me in the morning again. Am I glad! 


What Have I Been Up To Lately?

2 Aug

What have I been up to these days?


The children are on hols, and that means extra TLC in that direction. That does not mean they do not get a lot of that before now, but then, you know what I mean.

I have been conducting a speech training programme for the broadcasters of a particular TV station. That training entails I go a longer distance than I usually do to get to work. That means more time spent in the early morning rush. Traffic in Lagos, Nigeria…I don’t even want to go into that!

Then I also discovered this online business opportunity offered in http:sfimg.com now that has also eaten into my time. I suggest you pay the sight a visit, I believe I like what I see there.

Anyway, all of this makes for a busy schedule, I’ve gotten to that point that I feel tempted to feel sorry for myself 😦 But that is only a temptation because I lift my head high up and say “No pressure is going to kill my vibe!”

Yeah that was refreshing!



What I Miss the Most

31 Jul

I really had to take a deep breath before putting this down. It has been hectic for two weeks running and would be for another two weeks. I feel so envious of the children, they are on vacation now, but poor old me must go to work every single day of the week…who says being a child isn’t more fun?

I envy the children their carefree childhood, and they envy me my supposedly carefree adulthood! Someone has really got to tell the children that if there is one thing they would miss so much when they grow up, it is their childhood because right now, I sure am missing mine!


29 Jun

Had a very, no extremely busy day today and I am beat! I am just going to do the double falling

1. fall into bed

2. fall asleep

It is not easy being a wife, mother, elder sister…the whole title stands for different roles. When you are a wife, your husband makes demands and no matter how you look at it, it is his right.

When you are a mother, the children make demands, and with the internally built motherly instinct, you cannot help but fill their every need. It is not just their right to make demands, those demands give you a reason to live and keep on moving.

When you are an elder sister, your younger siblings make demands and heaven help you when they are in need and you are not there, you feel you have failed the entire universe.

All of these put together revolves around family, immediate and extended. Here in Africa family ties mean a whole lot and so the typical woman must learn how to play each and every role that comes her way.

Well like I said today was a seriously hectic day for me. I filled each and every part of those roles and still had to smile my way through visits from friends tonight, close friends who had to be entertained (see why I need the double falling?)

Today started with general housekeeping to preparing breakfast, to taking care of my sister, to shopping, to preparing two separate dishes (to be stored for the week), to playing video games with my boy (aren’t I a supermom? We played a game of car racing with the police at our heels!), to having a chat with my girls, to having friends over for dinner…hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

To sum it up it was a full day and like Kenny Rogers, ‘it’s gonna take more than waking to rouse me’ tomorrow morning!

Hope you all had a wonderful day, like I did today, and that you have a more splendid one tomorrow.

Nighty night.

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