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I am so hooked!

16 Nov

Yes, I know, the word hooked brings up the horrible image of someone looking both dazed and stunned while they are high on something. If that is the image you see right now, discountenance it. I am not hooked on some substance, I am just hooked on S Korean films.

Yep! Have you seen any of the Korean Seasonal films?

My daughter would not let me be talking about this film her peers told her about, she said the title was Boys before Flowers. she just went on and on about it until I allowed her to get the first season. Since it was subtitled I wouldn’t even cast a glance in its direction. Then she got the second, third and fourth season. Each time she would watch it with her siblings using her laptop, I would hear them burst into multiple fits of laughter. Now that got me curious so when they were on the final part of season four, I decided that it be slotted into the family DVD so we ALL can watch. You know what, I not only watched it to the end I also went back to watch it all the way from season one. There were no dull moments at all!

Now I am hooked on Korean films, I have watched Boys before Flowers, Playful Kiss, Personal Taste and City Hunter and you know what? I loved all of them. So why not head to Korea when you are choosing your next movie. You would absolutely love it.



2 Nov

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