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23 Oct
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Substance or Shadow

22 Oct

It really gets to me when people waste precious time chasing shadows. Do you realise that even when you catch up with a shadow you can’t stop it from moving away? That is because the substance that cast the shadow is still at large.

I wonder about this because I come from a country that majors in chasing shadows.

ASUU is on strike, and for what?

Because of payment o allowances, allowances running into billions! Granted, the government sucks (in fact all of human governments suck) but is that why a sector that has to do with educating the children would also want to descend to the same level of corruption? Have we taken the time to check out the so-called allowances these people are demanding, which has resulted in the children staying home for months? You would weep for this country if we do. AGREEMENT BTW FGN & ASUU – OCT 2009(1).pdf

And then the doctors decided to flush their Hippocratic oath down the toilet and kick patients out of hospitals in the name of a strike. The height of hypocrisy!

Very appalling indeed!


13 Oct


With what words would I describe you?

With what words define you?

You are that which sears deep into my soul

With your tentacles enwrap me

So even in my struggles to shake you off

I only get entangled more and more

And my breath you snuff out

Leaving me with no energy

No strength to fight.


You are a weight I would love to lift

Off my shoulders my heart and soul

So I can gaze with cheerfulness

Upon those who to me are dear

But this weight is crushing

Bringing me to a place I do not want to be

A place that sorrow lives

And tears follow at its wake


You and sadness move hand in hand

You are genuine bed-fellows

You visit and you take over

You make a random call and you lay claim

To that which is not yours

My heart and my soul

To those over whom you have not a right

To those whom I hold dear


I know I shall thee conquer

Out of this pit of despair I shall rise

Why should I let you conquer me?

Why should I allow your callousness?

I shall break away from you

For our paths are not meant to be

As intertwined as you would love it to be.



Lagos Traffic

7 Oct




Whether you own your own car or you join public transportation, you do not want to be caught up in Lagos Friday Traffic. Let’s call it LFT.

LFT begins at about 1600hrs. It begins to build just about then. And it could continue up until about 2200hrs. It is that bad. You could spend up to 4 to 5 hours in a distance that would take you about 30 minutes on a normal day.

The sad thing is you just find yourself in a massive unexplainable  traffic jam. Did I say unexplainable? Oh yes, with a capital “Y”. You keep moving at snail speed, sometimes it is a complete standstill and you keep wondering what the cause of the traffic is. Maybe there has been an accident. Maybe a car broke down on the road. Could it be the transporters stopping to pick up passengers in the middle of the road…like they normally would do anyway? No it must be that massive pothole we have somewhere along the route. Your imagination is running wild as to the cause of the traffic when you suddenly find out that vehicles around you have picked up speed. You look around, there is no broken-down truck, no accident, miraculously there are no transporters packed on the road. Cause of the massive traffic jam?

Absolutely NOTHING.

I am shaking my head, and wondering when we would ever get over  LFT. Maybe it has come to stay, or it is waiting for the construction of all the damaged, especially Federal, roads in Lagos State

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